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Intensive Outpatient Therapy Treatment for Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression

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Our Philosophy

Traumatic events from childhood have the power to shape our lives as adults, but trauma doesn’t always look like abuse or neglect. It can also be sneaky and show up as subtle, seemingly small but consistent insults.

Did a parent judge your body and appearance? Were you put into the role of caretaker when you were just a kid? Did a parent try to live their life through your achievements? Did you grow up in a family that did not model boundaries or healthy relationships? 

These seemingly small traumas all shape the way you approach relationships and the world as an adult. This can lead to developing patterns of codependence, anxiety, depression and impulsivity which can then show up in your life as mental illness, addiction, eating disorders, chronic physical illness, dissociation, workaholism, or unhealthy relationships.

You had no control over the things that happened to you, but you can control how you respond now. 

Stand in the present, heal your wounds and take back your power

Our Therapy Methods

Experiential Therapy

Experience emotions and access their source through a variety of immersive activities


Locate points in the visual field to access unprocessed trauma in the subcortical brain

Somatic work

Restore balance to the nervous
system and learn to release
trauma stored in the body

internal family systems

Understand the inner self and
identify unhealthy coping