Do Mindfulness and Meditation Heal Trauma?

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At Lighthouse Healing Center, we take a comprehensive mind and body approach to healing. Our trauma therapists utilize strategies like mindfulness and meditation in many of our treatment plans. We are deeply familiar with the role of mindfulness and meditation in healing from trauma and our experienced team is here to shed some light on the best meditations for trauma and the connection between trauma and mindfulness

The Role of Mindfulness & Meditation in Healing From Trauma

Mindfulness works to bring awareness to the present moment. It enables us to disengage from our emotions and thoughts to analyze ourselves and our situations from a place of detached observance. Healing can occur when we stop reacting to every trigger and instead simply notice them without emotional attachment.

Meditation can assist us in regaining a sense of inner self and calm. Having compassion for ourselves without delving deep into the emotion that is often associated with trauma can enable us to heal, reduce our anxiety, and promote our inner peace. 

Trauma-Informed Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness are reported to help heal from trauma due to the researched neuroscience behind these activities. Performing the brain tasks of mindfulness activities and meditation rewire brain pathways that are responsible for stress responses and emotional regulation which helps with healing from trauma. As the neural pathways shift, the strong emotional response that our triggers to trauma often elicit can decrease in potency and frequency. This means that the usual fight-or-flight mode, life-like flashbacks, anxiety, and emotional numbness that often accompany a trauma trigger will lessen. This provides some much-deserved relief from the physical and emotional symptoms of unresolved trauma. That’s not to mention that living with unresolved trauma leaves us paralyzed without any inner peace. Mindfulness and meditation are effective tools for anyone seeking peace and stability within, and are even more helpful for those with trauma in our past. 

That being said, everyone’s journey to healing from trauma is unique which is why all treatment plans are individualized. With that in mind, it is always best to seek professional treatment for unresolved trauma. Mindfulness and meditation for trauma is best utilized with the guidance and support of mental health professionals. If your clinician, therapist, or doctor determines mindfulness and/or meditation may prove helpful for you, they will incorporate the practice into your personalized trauma treatment plan. Most often, these practices will be practiced in tandem with several other treatment techniques such as individual therapy, group sessions, medication, and more. An individualized process determined by you and a professional is the best and safest course of action when deciding on an approach to trauma care and healing

Best Mental Health Treatment Center for Trauma Near Me

At Lighthouse Healing Center, we’ll meet with you to explore your medical and mental health history. Together, we’ll develop an individualized trauma treatment plan that will alleviate your symptoms while addressing the root of your trauma. We approach healing from a holistic viewpoint, which means we address your trauma in its entirety: mind, body, and soul. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide some light on your road to healing.

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