Seeking Counseling & Treatment for Depression

If you’ve ever experienced depression, you know it is more than just feeling sad or down. It’s a mental health disorder that affects millions of people worldwide from every social group and age bracket. It can be pervasive, affecting your mood, thoughts, and behavior, making it difficult to enjoy life or function fully. The resulting physical and emotional symptoms might feel impossible to manage but thankfully, there are ways to treat depression! If you are struggling with depression, exploring the various treatment options can help you manage the symptoms, address the causes, and vastly improve your quality of life. 


What is Depression?

Depression is a mental health disorder characterized by feelings of sadness, worthlessness, and hopelessness that persist over a period of time. If you’re facing depression, you may experience a lack of energy, increased fatigue, changes in appetite and sleeping patterns, irritability, and difficulty concentrating, to name a few. You may even withdraw from social activities and lose interest in activities you once loved. The causes of depression are wide-ranging and can be a result of genetics, brain chemistry imbalances, life events, or trauma.


What Treatment is Most Effective for Depression?

At Lighthouse Healing Center, our specific treatment approaches for depression address both the physical and emotional causes of depression, as well as the symptoms of this debilitating disorder.

To identify and address the potential causes of your depression, we utilize a range of therapies to reach the core of your emotions. Internal Family Systems therapy is inner-self work on the different parts of yourself and unhealthy coping mechanisms that may be causing or contributing to your depression. Experiential therapy involves immersive inner-self work to help you identify and express your innermost emotions to address the causes of your depression. Intensive outpatient treatment is ideal for clients who need more support for depression than traditional outpatient therapy but do not require inpatient treatment. Our intensive outpatient program for depression involves group and individual therapy sessions for depression three to four times a week. therapist for depression near me

Through the use of physical therapies, we address the connection between mind and body to relieve the symptoms of depression. Somatic work involves restoring balance to your nervous system using immersive physical activities, yoga, art, and other body-centered therapies to help you reduce the effects of depression on your body. Brainspotting is a therapeutic technique that may help you identify and process past traumatic experiences that may be contributing to your depression. Depression medication management may be effective for you, which involves the use of prescribed medications to address chemical imbalances and alleviate the symptoms of depression.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation for depression focuses on helping you through the social and occupational barriers you may face when trying to manage and overcome your symptoms. The goal of this therapy is to enable you to thrive independently and return to work or school, regaining a sense of control over your life. 


Depression Treatment Near Me

At Lighthouse Healing Center, we know that each individual facing depression is unique and our personalized treatment plans reflect that. We believe that with the right support and treatment, depression can be managed, and you can go on to lead a fulfilling and stable life. Our depression treatments in the Madison, Jackson, and Ridgeland areas include: 

  • Group therapy for teens with depression
  • Group counseling for depression
  • Individual therapy for depression
  • Therapy for young adults with anxiety and depression
  • Somatic therapy for depression
  • Psychological therapy for depression
  • Cognitive therapies for depression
  • Self-help therapy for depression
  • Behavioral therapy for anxiety and depression
  • Talk therapy for depression and anxiety
  • Intensive therapy depression


Our team at Lighthouse Healing Center is here to support you on your journey toward healing. There is always hope – even on the darkest of days – contact us today to learn more about how we can help bring some light back into your life!